How much should software development cost

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    I have looked at freelancer -type sites but I have no idea how much I should pay. I have never bought anything like this before.

    At the low end, I am interested in how much I should pay for a plugin to do a sales funnel - a copy of the stuff you see on JVZoo with embellishments

    At the high end, I am interested in how much I should pay for Sports Arbitrage Software.

    I would want the rights to licence these out.

    I am only looking for a price range that I should be expected to pay and not a precise price. Just so I can negotiate.

    And the best sites as well to get these done

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    Unless you have specified your software requirement 'well', be prepared for blowouts that are way beyond your wildest nightmares. You really need to have a basic understanding (such as might be gained from 100 hours of youtube watching) of the process of creating software, and a rough estimate as to how long each module should take - otherwise, you're not going to deliver your project on time and on budget.
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    Do a search for "Getting Real" by 37Signals they have a really good breakdown on how to approach software development even for the client side of things. I usually have new clients do a brainstorming session where we marker or grid paper the GUI and talk about every screen they envision. From there it is really the salt of the PM on the development team to fill in the gaps and walk you through possible solutions.

    For example we had one client that could draw wireframes of the apps they had in mind like nobody's business but ALWAYS forgot to add a way for the user to delete things! Not just one of two projects like every project we would have to point out this basic functionality.

    Finally, remember that unless you get to market you have an expensive hobby. Your PM should push back on you enough for you to realize what the core of the thing your building is and get you to market. After you are selling you can work on v1, v2, v3 etc.
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    There is a PDF of that book available here : Real.pdf
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