How much SEO companys for site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by anabolicpharma, Apr 12, 2013.

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    hey guys,
    how much SEO companys is good to better to have only 1 who make SEO for your site or it ok to have 3 companys?

    is it big different some charge only 100$ month and some charge 300-500$ month or even more?

    Can be some good SEO done if they charge only 100$?

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    Only one.
    Personally I think you can't choose seo company or any other company for their charge.. Some indian or whatever guy can do the same thing for much less and opposite.
    You need to know their position in this market and make sure they take you there where they have promised.
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    Each marketer has his own SEO strategy and a different approach. If you want to kill your website go for 3 contracts with 3 SEO agencies at the same time :)

    The higher the price an agency asks, the better the service usually. To exemplify Mercedes cars cost in average 40.000$, a Hyundai costs in average 12.000$. Which one is better built?

    Of course, testimonials and feedback of former and current clients matter A LOT, so do your research before you choose a service.

    But, in IM it all comes down to ROI. It doesn't matter what service you choose if you don't profit after you achieve results, either rankings on competitive kw's or reaching the traffic goal.

    So to sum it up, if you can project ROI on ranking, it doesn't matter how expensive the service you need is.

    Hope you get it.