How Much is Too Much Traffic for Shared Hosting?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by flibbertigibbet, Mar 6, 2011.

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    So I'm starting up a site that I know for sure will eventually get a lot of page requests (over time) and I don't want the server to crash that it's hosted on if I get too many requests at one time. What is considered "pushing it" on a Godaddy server and realistically how many visitors can I have viewing a website at one time before I have to get a dedicated server or some kind of cloud server setup?

    Oh right- wanted to say that it wouldn't be for video hosting or anything. Just images and text content. Basic stuff.
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    Having a shared hosting without any problem if down server depends on certain factors:

    1. the hosting company

    2. how many sites are hosted on the same server with you

    3. the type of sites hosted on the server with you

    4. the actions of the other website owners sharing the same server with you

    Since you know you will get much traffic through the site, the best thing is to have a server you will have control over. If the cost will always be covered, try a dedi server or VPS

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    Honestly you should be fine starting out. Just make sure you keep track of stats and when you get to a point where it makes sense to upgrade then do it. If you are still worried, go with a Reseller Account with HostGator. I have prob 30 sites on there as of right now, prob with like over 20,000 page views per month (just have my micro and smaller niche sites on there) and it runs just fine. It is cost effective and takes care of what I need it for. I think I've got the silver plan if I remember correctly. It is whatever plan is 1 higher than the entry level Reseller.

    Hope this helps.
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    well i think it is depending on your hosting.
    And how long your visitors stay at your website. The longer they are staying it is definitely affecting your shared hosting. for instance maybe just 1000 visitors at the same time and stay 24hour on your web, it does huge effect
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    well. i have a shared hostgator, 13 domains on it, 1 of my sites hit a little over 130k UV's last month.. unfortunately the site did go offline twice.

    the other sites are only drawing a few hundred hits a day.

    so you should be safe with about half of what i did.

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    no one can tell you an exact answer since it depends on various factors. we can only share personal experiences

    My sites are on hostgator baby plan and recently one of them got 15k views per day without any problems. (it's a wp site with a cache plugin installed)

    If you're using wordpress, you can look for cache plugins that will reduce server load per request.