How much is a 20k page worth?


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Oct 23, 2009
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Anyone? don't know anything of prices
i would value 200$, but has facebook is much more tight now, facepages are very vulnerable i would buy any now, they are like flies easily killed.
$20-$25. I bought a 400k page for just $80.

Just because you are fortunate enough to deal with idiots does not mean that the price you have been paying is the going rate. who ever sold you that page for $80 is a F+++ing clown!

Nice buy on your part though ;)
depends what type of page it is..

is it a fun page like sleeping on the pillow or is it a generic brand which is authorized by FB.
this page gets 30$ a day GUARANTEED, I've pulled a grand solely from it coming to 20k, literally. just need to know a place to unload it for quick cash since my rent is due and I have net30 with most networks
ples pm me the details of the page will looking into that can offer a good price
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