How much effort is needed to target this KW

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    Thanks in advance for letting me pick your brains :)

    I have a client for an SEO project who wants me to target a 17,010 (exact) with an SEOC of 35million in a tough (real estate) market. Their site has a PR0, is over 4 years old and has around 7500 pages indexed, close to 0 backlinks (basically they launched a site and never even imagined SEO exists).

    The competition is fierce in general, but on SERP #6 there is a site with a PR3,1 year old, 9 pages indexed, 46 RDD, 15 RDP, 114 BLP and 369 BLD. So I think that makes it possible to achieve.

    The keyword is related to the region where they operate and basically I would not have targeted it myself if I were in their shoes; say for instance you'd search for madrid then why would you click on a real estate link, it's too general for my taste. But then again they are willing to pay even after my advice to go for a less general audience.

    How much effort do you think would it take to get on the first page and is there anything specific you would do to get there?
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    I would imagine that #6 is very easy to replace with your clients site, i think you should buy angela backlinks for that site and maybe 4 linkwheels and see what happens.

    Old domain is huge plus imo
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