How much does this domain worths ?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by daanrack, Apr 26, 2010.

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    how much do you think it worths ?

    no flaming please
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    Not more man.
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    You're being generous. Right now that domain is worth about $10 or maybe even less if he bought it with a coupon code or something.

    OP- Dude, your making a mistake thinking that just buying a cool name makes a site worth any money. There are some sites in which that could be the case, but pretty much they were all bought years ago. Things like are worth a lot of money, but those articles you see about how they sell for millions isn't just because the name itself was worth a huge amount, it's because of the work that went into building a successful site.

    Even when you do consider a domain name can have an inherent value due to the name itself is because many people will just type it into the browser without ever having heard of the site. With the right names and targeting the right niches, some names come with that kind of value built in. A domain like can get a lot of traffic from that alone. A name like is unlikely to have someone just typing it in for the hell of it.

    Don't get me wrong, I think you did pick a decent name. If you set a site up on it and spend some time doing seo and building backlinks, it might become valuable. But until you put a page on it and build some traffic it's not worth more than any other new dotcom domain. How valuable it can be will depend on the kind of site you build and how successful you are at building traffic.

    edit - I based my post on the fact that you don't have a page set up on the domain. I just googled the name and it looks like there used to be a site on that domain. If you get a site put up FAST, make sure it is a porn site and has some pages related to the keywords its already indexed for, then it could have some good value. If you just leave a blank page up, then it's not going to take google long to start deindexing the pages. Once that happens then my above explanation holds true. If you can get something up to hold on to the indexing and backlinks already in place then it might have more value. Don't expect to make anything off your listing on Dynadot unless your get some kind of page back up on that site.
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