How much did you lose in LUNA?

This motherfucker came here to gloat


hahaha :D

about tree fiddy


Bro, same here :)

$400 but am not gonna sell now. I'd rather watch it go to zero than sell and take 90% loss.

Actually, this is my first time where I have a coin that's going to $0. And for some reason I feel the same way.

Could be laziness :p

That's the crypto-degen-gambler spirit!
a 90% loss sounds worse than a 100% loss lol

haha word :D
Like I said, v1 serve no purpose.
Straight into the floor.
Unless (magic) the founder suddenly said, they will stay with v1, combo with token burn.

Then instant 5x-10x from here.

But I doubt it gonna happen. How the hell they gonna burn if majority of the tokens are in retail wallet?

Best they can do is by inducing 3% buy/sell tax, like memes coin does.
They should have invested those 80,000 Bitcoins in advertising and promotion instead of just sitting back.
i've lost nothing with LUNA, but i had ±220k UST and i've bought the Stader ICO $4.5 per token ICO with $9k. UST i didn't sold with 0.65 per $1, but i wanted to do it. And Stader i still didn't sold, now it's $0.7 per token )
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