How many Verifications per Number? / Mass Instagram PV bans

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by kadir456, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    As i have a way to get unlimited free USA Numbers (never used before).

    I Create Instagram Accounts from my iPhone and Verfiy them by Phone. (i use a VPN while Creating Accounts)

    I create new 5 Instagram accounts, Verify them by ONE number and add them to a Follower App.

    I have there 20 Accounts added and all 20 Accounts Like the Pictures at the Same time.
    I have some aged accounts there (1+Months plus, and my Main account that i Promote 4 Years old).

    After i added the new accounts i start Likeing. (VPN is active while likeing)
    I like not fast, Slowing that is look like Human Activity.

    After 2-3 Hours, i get a PV, on the last 5 accounts that i fresh created. i added the same number and i got the Code. After i added the code, the Account and the other 4 got INSTANTLY banned.

    is there a way to fix / bypass that? or did i doing something wrong?
    and also i want to ask, how many account should i Verify, per number? is 5 accounts per number to much and causes Instagram a Red Flag?

    Thanks in advance for help.