How many seed KWs is too many

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    Hey guys,
    In process of trying to discover my first niche to act on.

    Currently brainstorming KWs.
    From the experience of members here, if making a niche site about say, I dunno,
    'Antique Radios' , it could be possible to conjure up a bunch of seed KWs like:
    o Old Radio
    o Vintage Radio
    o Historic Radios
    Say one finds a bunch of seed KWs that could be useful/have good metrics.

    Also further add the constraint that you wish to do Amazon Affiliate marketing for the products and are making a review site with about 50 or so articles.

    For such a project, how many seed KWs are practical?
    Imagine two extremes, one the far left is each review article has a unique seed KW, on the far right, every review article has the same seed KW. Somewhere in the middle maybe there exist a total of 5 seed KWs across all of the review articles.

    How would you choose how to balance out the amount of seed KWs you have in attempt to optimize your ranking in SERPs?