How many people read Flippa just for the comments?

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by archon10, Apr 2, 2015.

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    I have been reading Flippa just for the comments and they are so lulzy. I don't get why Flippa leaves this auction up

    The admin restores the comments, which basically accuse the seller of scraping his website, but this happens only after there have been bids. So buyers are getting scammed and the admins know it. lol
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    Flippa's admin team has always been pretty nonchalent about letting shady stuff slide.

    At one point I had other sellers who were selling obviously scammy sites copy my auction description word for word - including parts where I talk about my own personal background and link to my own personal blog. I notified Flippa multiple times and they didn't do anything about it...didn't respond to my emails, didn't close the auction, didn't ban the seller. The auction ended and I assumed money changed hands. Super shady.

    Probably why they're moving towards domain names - you either own the domain or you don't, a lot less room for grey. If you have a quality site these days or you're looking for legit purchases, you're way better off going through a good broker.