how many keywords to use in Senuke X campaign?

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    Ok let's say I have a site with several internal pages and I want to focus on 1 page at a time to get it rank in the SERPs. When I am filling out the campiagn details for 1 round of Senuke X and I put just the one url in the url field and then in the keyword fields should I just input that 1 keyword I'm focusing for the page/url? Or should I also input very similar related keywords (which have search volume as well, but are not used as keywords for other internal pages) as well?

    Next question is if I'm trying to rank a SEO client's homepage for like 3 keywords a month (that are somewhat related) is it better to run like 3 different rounds of Senuke X for each keyword/url or just one round with all 3 keywords? So if I did it 3 times I would do like different templates to vary the linking pattern for each keyword and give it full juice for that one keyword. Whereas if I did 1 round with 3 keywords then the juice might be diluted across for all 3 terms.

    What are your guys's strategies when ranking your own sites and while working offline clients as far as keywords and how many runs you do with Senuke X?
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    am wondering the same myself too. Any one care to share some in sights on this?
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    While it depends upon exactly what kind f site you're working with and the frequency and amount of fresh content is being added to the site. As far as keywords go, list three, (primary plus two secondary words). If your using the wizard to build your campaigns (which I would recommend), then you can still maintain the focus on your primary keyword, even though the secondary keywords will continue to be picked up as additional tags to each post you make. The areas you should focus on are the links to the site, frequency of posting, and overall scheduling of campaigns. Limit yoru posts to 3 links or even two - one always being your home page and the second/third links to two other internal pages, preferably a second tier/main category page.

    The second and third items of importance really go together. frequency and consistency of scheduling will, in the long term, be much more beneficial than just blasting out the Full Monty over 2-3 days. If it doesn't look natural, it probably isn't and ultimately will settle back to it's proper place in the rankings. Traffic and interest occurrs naturally, so you should set up your campaigns to last anywhere from 30-45 days. This doesn't mean that you can't run more than one campaign. Actually I encourage it, make sure your settings are limiting the frequency of posting to 50% of the total number of sites at any one time. This will keep you from getting banned from forums, web2.0 sites, etc and again, it looks more natural.

    Focus on the quality of the bookmarks, press releases and the little details and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. You'll actually draw legitimate attention from real visitors verses just pounding out a bunch of backlinks that you hope will stick and provide future value.

    Oh, one more thing...if you do stagger your campaigns, choose widely different campaigns from among those available or custom campaigns you've built. Don't fall for the bigger is better school of thought though. There are some floating around that I swear are trying to create artwork rather than make money. Use your best judgment and when in doubt let common sense be your guide.

    Best of luck. I hope this helps.