How many friend-requests can you send

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    May 14, 2010
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    Thanks for viewing this thread and sorry for my amateur questions.
    After some time reading this forum, decided to try this facebook marketing for myself. It's about the third day I'm writing a bot for facebook.
    I got this things done for now:
    - likes big add-me groups
    - posts add me messages
    - accepts incoming friend requests
    I figured I gota get manyК friends, so I can invite them in order to get my pages (whith I didnt even create yet) go viral. So I made up 5 acs of semi-good looking females, with no info filled in and got them joining groups and posting walls all day long. Still getting under 200 friend-requests pet day. Today I made this people ids collector, and I wana send them my own friend requests.
    So my first question is this - how many requests can I send? Is 500, 1000 be ok? Any other notes would help.
    Sorry for my english, I'm from a long away cold country. Thank you.