How many articles can you get from a spin

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    I write an article, rewrite each sentence 3 additional times, and then also use magic article rewriter to spin the sentences and automatically add tokens to the article and spin those as well.

    MAR tells me that my "spun" percentage is usually between 225% and 275%.

    My question is, if I am doing a mass rewrite, how many articles do you think is best to spin? I have told it to spin 100 for the recent articles I have written, but I want to know if this is way to many or way to few.

    Also, I have been submitting each of my spun articles (from the 100 that were written) using magic article submitter to about 400 article directories, but I haven't been doing any "dupe checking" via a 3rd party such as copyscape or dupefreepro - do you think this is vital?

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    75-100 is fine.
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    In the era of inexpensive and reasonably acceptable spinning software, why spin so many versions of the same article.

    Why not go, say to a site like Project Guttenberg,grab the text file of somebody's 19th century diary, and spin 500-word sections of that 4 or 5 times?

    True, you have to spin more "articles" which takes you more time, but you end up with a far less-detectable more-acceptable set of raw material for your campaign.