How many accounts do you run per 4g proxy?

It really depends on provider. but as long as each accounts acts different, I don't think it should be an issue if you run more than 50.. just make sure your isp has more than 50 ips rotating cause some don't
I'm running 15 growing accounts per proxy, only done it for several weeks but all is well for now.
I start with 3 account per 4g proxy and after each week I add 1 new account. I then stop at 10 accounts just to be safe.
I've been able to run 20 accounts on one mobile proxy without issues. The proxy is based in south-east Asia so I don't think the location is that important, it's more about the provider.
I'm running 3 accounts at the same time, I do have a VPN, should I use that at all? or Should i go for PROXY
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