How long does it take to find your Profitable Keyword.?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by whyyo, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Okay, I am getting so frustrated because I can't seem to find profitable keywords. so I just want to make this thread, and ask you guys how long it takes for you to find your profitable keywords. I don't know if i am over analyzing and over thinking the whole keyword process that I just can't seem to find profitable keywords. that I've been literally pulling my fucking hair out so if you guys can help me out with this that would be golden and I will love you forever.

    oh and btw how much is to much competition if you put your keyword in google search like so:

    intitle:"how to blackhatworld" inurl:"how to blackhatworld" and the results are 5000 how much is too much and how much is a good amount to go for the keyword please help me black hattersssss!
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    couple of questions

    what type of site are you building
    what are you classing as profitable?
    what topics are you interested in?
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    I am not an expert in keyword research but i think i can give you a solid advice.

    Dont try to learn everything at a time and stick with what you think you can do best and make money from it.

    for example lets say that i need photoshop for a project. instead of spending weeks learning it i can just outsource it. the end result would be faster and better. i would also save my weeks to make money with what i do best.

    if keyword research makes your life difficult instead if spending dollars for something that it may be wrong get yourselfs a keyword from a service here in bhw :)

    Leave some fields to the experts. be an expert on tour field :)

    good luck