How i've made 30k$ in a week

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Jan 13, 2011
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Hello to BHW community,

Straight to the point. I have a website where i have implemented Gather Network script. They just launched their live product a week ago. I was lucky to be in first wave of their projects.
Just one week after that i got my first payout. You can see how much i got on screenshot below
photo_2021-05-14 16.52.08.jpeg

This is a great opportunity as additional revenue beside ads and affiliate marketing.
60K users with avg 5 minute session
Yap, this why i'm sharing this. Everybody who has a website can apply to them and set up their script now.
I feel like mining from other people's devices could be illegal.

Could you elaborate more on how it works?
Congratulations buddy
Impressive bro,
with 80% organic traffic its lot of profit. Congrats.

Thanks, yes that is a lot of profit. But the point it that this is really great way to earn more money.

The other thing why i share this is to show, that cryptoprojects is not only about investments into shitty doggy coins, but also some really game changing ideas
It certainly looks interesting
You mentioned that on your site the average is 5 minute session
Sites with, for example, 40 seconds would have much less profit?
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