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how is paypal tracking me and linking me?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by trophyhusband, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. trophyhusband

    trophyhusband Newbie

    Nov 26, 2011
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    i got an account banned for selling months ago (late shipping...lead to too many complaints...lead to ban).

    not interested in selling, just buying. i got a new card number and added a family member (different name/address) as authorized user, and used their name/address/phone/email on account and public library (i've used this location before on my banned).

    I bought on ebay and shipped to my actual address...apparently this added my address (same address on banned account) as an "gift" address to my paypal. Is that the only reason i got banned? Should I open PO Box?

    1. the card had my brothers name/address and mines (but i only gave paypal my brothers)...don't think its possible for them to know my name/address is also on card?
    2. i used different computer (so no old cookies, but same ip) would they link an public IP that 100s users use, to me?
    3. i had to call them to give them 4 digit pin on card to use....when i called i pressed *67 to block my number but system still knew "i see you are calling from 123-456-7890, should i use that number to look up your account" i said no. than input my brothers number and system askes "do u want me to add this number (my phone) to my account also?" i said no. do you think paypal possible links phone numbers that call into their center?
    4. i used same old ebay account that my original paypal (Banned) was on...if u use new paypal on the same ebay as old banned paypal...will it link?
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  2. AuctionEssistance

    AuctionEssistance Junior Member

    Mar 21, 2015
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    You can't use a new Paypal account with an eBay account that previously had a Paypal attached. Paypal doesn't allow multiple accounts and you will eventually get limited. You will need to create a whole new set to use.

    Usually when eBay suspends, you, they give you the message that you are unable to sell but still able to buy. Not sure if they given you that same message.
  3. blt938

    blt938 BANNED BANNED

    Jan 8, 2014
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    I see a few things that stands out so I'll highlight them one by one.

    Typically you can simply create a new eBay account even with your banned information as long as:
    1. Your original Paypal account is in good standing and
    2. You stick with a buyer only account

    eBay really doesn't care about buyer accounts unless they severely breaks the rules (opening too many cases, leaving fake feedback, etc). Buying makes them money, so they would gladly let you buy things. The only exception is if your original eBay account was banned for non-payment of fees. That's one of the things they don't let go.

    Not necessairly. You can be suspended for reusing information, though.

    If all else fails, yes. They're only like $50 for a year for the smallest size. I know you said you don't care about selling, but you could also use that PO Box address as a new address if you ever wanted to turn that account into a seller account too.

    No they shouldn't know about that.

    You don't have to use a different computer. Just cleaning your old computer, or just making a new user account is good enough. Actually, using any public connection is a bad idea since it's shared and eBay deems those IPs as high risk as anything public tends to be abused more often than not.

    Yeah that doesn't work for toll free numbers. It should be easy enough to get a new phone number. Since you're not dealing with a selling account, you could use just about any texting app, but I would still suggest going ahead and using a cheap prepaid phone since those causes less problems. But yes, eBay and Paypal keep all information you've ever used and it can and will be used against you if they so choose.

    This is the important part, but could you clairify what you mean? So your original eBay account is permanently suspended - what about your original Paypal? If both are gone, then you'll need to go down the stealth account route and make all new accounts. If it's just your eBay then you can do partial stealth, and reuse your Paypal account just as long as you don't turn the new eBay account into a seller account.