How is Nulled scripts used


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May 15, 2017
I have seen a lot of nulled scripts/themes in here so I was wondering how these nulled scripts are being used. Are just uploaded into the cpanel, via ftp and if so, which directory or folder are they being placed into.
Themes - I guess you refer to wp themes. Just install them through WP administrator dashboard

Scripts - upload
I would advise you to not use them. They often contain malicious code and there is a very good chance your site might get hacked.
Nulled scripts are just normal wp theme scripts.But before using it checked with virustotal or similar websites for checking any virus or hacking. Not every nulled script has virus and sometimes very useful.
Fastest way to upload would be via the cpanel. You upload into the themes file of the website you want to use it on (inside wp content).

Like others have said - be wary about nulled themes. It is a good idea to run it through virustotal before uploading to your site but also be aware that since it won't be automatically updated like if you had a legit theme licence then it leaves the theme vulnerable to getting hacked. You will have to look for updated nulled versions every update. PITA but I know sometimes it has to be done, if you're short on the old $$.
Suppose the file is not a theme but something like a nulled tracking script. Which directory will it be uploaded to
Nulled scrips or themes are installed the same way as their non-nulled original versions. Keep in mind what Nargil said, people giving away these illegally manipulated scrpts/themes don't do it for charity, but often create some sort of backdoor the abuse the website/hosting their are installed on for their own needs. Virus scanners or similar malware tools won't find these backdoors.
as one of the members shared above WP has a plug in for that. Also you can try
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