How is LISTVERSE constructed?

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    Jun 25, 2011
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    listverse - A wordpress blog of top10 lists, I am guessing it is made on the genesis framework by studiopress, but I can't work out how its done.

    Basically, the homepage features a list a recent posts (genesis featured posts widget?)

    Then in the menu is a category named categories, click that and you get a dropdown menu of categories.

    Select a category, and you are taken to a list (page?) of posts from that category, but they are not full posts, the are overviews of posts (thumbnail, title and some text from the actual post) just like the genesis featured posts widget, but how can that widget be assign to a certain category? beats me, click a post and it takes you to the full post.

    Now, on my genesis framework, when you select a category from the menu (pictures for example), the category will show a full list of full posts all on one page.

    Check out listverse and you will begin to understand what I mean, I'm not 100% certain they are using genesis but it seems they are, I need to know how they have constructed their site in that way