How is google places affected based on your location? read for info

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    I know most things about google places and im fairly competent and could offer a google places seo service and deliver on it.

    I am however slightly confused about something.

    My county has a population of about 600k and within it lots of 20k or 50k towns.

    If im searching though for a plumber within the county and I search for plumber in countynamehere would it show me the results ranked for the county or would it be more likely to show me the one closest to my location?

    Basically my question is

    If there is me in town A and Otherpeson in town B but we both live in the county would we both get different results if we both search for plumber in countynamehere ?

    Im a little confused about this... my understanding is even if you search from china plumber inmycountynamehere it will show you the places pages the same for that area as it would from anywhere else and its totally down to who is a b c d etc.

    Can anyone clarify this for me? im looking at promoting google places seo a bit more as a main business revenue and this is putting a bit of a spanner in my works.

    The reason i ask is because another BHW member told me it can be affected based on your town so it made me second guess my self.