How is craigslist posting for businesses nowadays?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by mikeads66, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I'm looking for ways to promote my business. So far I've been working with organic and local rankings, as well as some PPC. I've never tried posting in the "services" section of CL to promote my business, but from what I've been reading over the years people have spammed that place to death.

    Is it a good place to get customers from?

    Also CL ToS says you can only post once every 48 hours. Are posting services still a good way to post many times a day and get more customers?
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    I post in the real estate section. There are many people that are able to post multiple copies of their ads sequentially. I flag them and nothing seems to happen. One such group of ads had different reply addresses so I assume they must be using different proxies and email addresses.

    I am able to post multiple ads in two cities that I have businesses in by mixing them up, titles, text, pictures all from one IP and email address without any major problems. I can do three or four a day per city before CL complains. After you get some ads up, you can renew them (I think this happens after 48 hours) with just one click. This makes it easy and currently CL does not phone verify these when many times CL will phone verify a repost of an expired ad.

    In the last week or so, I have seen an increased amount of my ads that are being deleted when for the last several months, I had no such problems. This has happened most to an image ad that I am running in the services section in large cities. I do one ad per city every couple of days and for some reason some of these ads are being deleted and I noticed one of my ads got deleted within an hour of posting.

    CL, a while ago, emailed you when your ad was flagged and deleted. Now they are not doing it, it is just getting deleted.

    And then there is ghosting which is a completely different problem. Ghosting for me was a real problem for me early this summer and then it seemed to stop.

    The only thing for certain is change.
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    it's down to below ebay prices for service providers so not worth it in my opinion considering how much fake requests and spam you will have to go through to get to the real customers