How Instagram knows who's using likes from panels


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Dec 23, 2015
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Quick response: Easily!

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IG has users buy likes and followers from SMM panels. Everyone coming into those accounts if flagged.

They keep buying from different providers until they get 2+ hits from the same account(s). Then they make a decision to either temp block those accounts, or ban them.

This is why you'll notice that some SMM panels look fine, yet others are having problems.

I mean, I always buy or get likes from SMM accounts on a clean account that I own. Everything coming in, I put on my blacklist so that my bots don't engage with them. Wasted resources engaging with bots.

Instagram does the same, but at a way higher level. Only SMM panel accounts lasting will be those that look and feel like real humans. Remember that Fuelgram uses your real accounts to engage, so they'll be limited, but not banned entirely.

Stay safe out there. Instagram is not going away, neither are we.