How important is niche authority?

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    Up until now i mainly been focusing on small niches and for the most part it has worked out. The only problem im running into is that i tend to neglect (stop updating) the sites as i am juggling too many so i decided to change strategy and for my new project focus on building one mega site. I think one site will be alot easier to maintain/updated and keeping track of SEO/backlinks will be so much easier.

    The mega site will be providing different types of information found in 5-10 different niches and ill be focusing on providing content on things that should be fairly easy to rank.

    My concern is authority... as far as i understand if you write content on one specific niche...eventually google will recognize you as the authority on that niche. I am worried that since ill be writing on multiple niches and covering 7-8 different niches google will not know which niche i am expert in and this will hurt my SERP positions.

    What do you guys think about this. Anybody has any experience with this dilema or have any of you managed to create a mega site that was ranking.