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How I Start My Business?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by mrxinbollywood, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Sep 15, 2008
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    100 feet under symetry
    In Year 2005, In India pdf to doc conversion work going on heavily and I found a lot of persons earning huge. So I asked my father if he could lend me an Rs1,50,000 so I can start my work. Initially he did not agree then he said ok and go ahead. Then I JV with a local person who doing these stuffs, with that person I go to Chennai for getting any project work. There a Movie producer who dealing with these type of works. He take Rs.50,000 and said that within 2-3 weeks, work will be send to us and we have to give our best quality with 98-99% quality work minimum. Then we came back and setup our office with Rs 2,00,000. As my other partner also invest same amount. After 2 weeks, a person came from Chennai and give us training how the work will be done with quality. Then after first week training all our staffs are able to do the work with best quality. We that time using Omni Page and Abby Fine Reader software. Then the original work order came and we all give our best and complete the whole work order ASAP. Then again another new work order came like this goes on..

    With the Chennai Person we agreed on 45 days payments. Means we will get payment after 45 days of date of completion. Then that day came when we will receive our 1st payment. We wait , wait and wait. No payment came, then we contact that Chennai person, he started to giving various excuses, day by day goes and that person giving various excuses this goes on for another 25 days.

    Then I and my partner decided to go to Chennai and talk with that person. For security, that person given us a bond of Rs.5,00,000 initially. We reached Chennai, now we found his office is shifted to another place. Now in his office only that person and another staff only working, no other staffs. While initially nearly 75-100 staffs working in his office. So we eventually understand that this work is a scam. We did not know that a 5,00,000 bond any one can get with an investment of Rs.5000.

    Now again we spend another Rs. 50,000 and clear our staff payments and closed our office. Even we are not able to clear dues for computers and The Computer suppliers taken all the accessories with Table, Chairs etc..

    So I loss Rs. 1,75,000 . I completely shattered. My Father did not talk with me for nearly 6 months, not even a word. In between those 6 months, I give concentration to open a cyber cafe just near to my house. Initially I did not earn , but I try to give best customer service, after 6 months I started to earn Rs.20000 per month from cybercafé. Now my father started to talk with me and showing his interest towards my cyber cafe business. As my cybercafé business started running, I think I should again give a try to Online based work. So I started searching for various online works like data entry, pdf to doc conversion, internet search.

    I started to search in Craigslist, most probably in January 2006. I send most probably 500 email from my email address. Then I get 3 replies that they are interested and want to communicate with me. I said that they can chat with me through yahoo messenger.

    Only one person chat with me. That person is from New York Area, he has a job site. He chat with me for nearly 4 hours. Then he said he will test my ability with a $5 work order. I said I am ready. He gives me to collect some email ids from some USA universities. I completed that work, then he again gives me another work order, of $10, like this things going on up to $75.

    Then one day that person tell me that he has a permanent work , where he will pay me $100 per month for 1-2 hrs work each day. I said yes I am agreed. I have to send replies to job seekers regarding various job opening etc..

    Then I have some confidence that I can success in this work. Then I started more searching in Craigslist for more work and apply for those works which I think I can do. With a reference of New York person. I think that if I will add a reference in each email, it is high chance that people will give me work.

    Some people started showing interest and give me some more work. Like this things going on and I started to earn $300 per month from online work. This goes on up to April 2008. Then one day another person contacts me and said that he will pay me per client $30. I did not get what clients, will I have to provide him any client. He said NO, I have to maintain his clients MySpace profile and post status updates, bulletins, sending messages, sending friend request through software Friend Blaster Pro. He provided a genuine license copy of that software and train me regarding MySpace. I did not know anything about MySpace, Orkut etc..Till that date.

    As I am always very interested to know about new things, I learned MySpace and its work properly within 15 days. And in end of month I managing 5 MySpace profiles and earning $150 + $300 from other works. So now my earning reached $450 in end of April 2008. I started thinking that if this person giving me $30, how much he earning from each client? I opened a new email and send an email and asking for his service. He replied and said that he charging $150 from a person to maintain his MySpace profile. Then I think Ohh My Goodness, he only paying me $30 for this work.

    So I started sending email to various djs, artists through craigslist and saying that I can manage their MySpace profile with a price of $80. I get 2 replies and 2 people agreed with me and I get $160. So now my earning reached $610. I continue to send emails and I started gaining more clients and in end of December 2008, I managing 20 MySpace clients, with a total income per month @ $2050. On that date I closed my cybercafé business and give full time concentration to this works.

    Then somehow that person who trained me about MySpace came to know that I also offering same service and he discontinued his work with me. I said ok to him and thank him that he trained me very well, due to that only me able to do this MySpace work.

    Then some clients asking for Face book, Twitter, seo, web designing type of works and I give more attention to these works and hiring more staffs to do these type of works and my main concentration will be searching more clients and managing customer care. In that way I successfully started a business with these services.

    Let me know do you like my story or not?

    Stay Connected Part 2 will be coming Soon....
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  2. criticalmess

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    awesome story, not bad at all!
  3. mervat

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    Great story man, I Love to see people never Give up on their dream
    Keep up the hard work and you will get there oneday.