How I make a few Hundred every now and then

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    Any way you could zonk me out and make me think I'
    I've been doing this a while, Many eBayers and Amazoners do it too. Haven't seen an article like this on here yet.

    of course I won't be giving my niche away, but mainly my niche is only in the city I'm located in, and I don't have a specific niche, I go where I see the money to be made. This works better in bigger cities

    you will be buying low and selling high.

    Go to a Store that participates in Price Matching

    Find the loss leader (an item for sale, that is so low they are losing money on it, to get you in there to buy more profitable stuff, or to up sell you the warranty or other junk). these items are usually getting replaced soon by a newer version, This deal has to be so good you cant turn it down. These deals are usually so go the competitor will refuse to give the price match, or have to get the manager to log-in and do it because the computer won't let the entry level guys give that much of a discount.

    One Item I bought Retailed for $130, I bought it for $30
    most recent item retails $20-$30, got it for $1. xyc company refused to match, it was "too low to match" I'll by triing again with a different person.

    you can't buy just one item and make much money. First time I did this I bought abc co's entire inventory of that item, bad idea since I was in a small town at the time. When I went to xyz to buy up all of their inventory, xyz called abc and asked if they had the item in stock, to do the price match, of cource abc said no, because I bought all of it, so I went back to abc and returned one, went back to xyz and had them check again. xyz called and gave me the price match, for one unit only. went back to abc and re bought the item I had returned, cashier was a bit confused. Then I went to mno for a price match, and pqr... It helps to have an ad when going for a price match, sometimes the receipt will work.
    after the stores had a week to replenish their inventory I went back for more, and kept going until 30 days had passed and they wouldn't honor it anymore.

    Take all your items you bought and list them for sale, ebay, amazon, classifieds.

    Its good to have a smart phone with you and use one of those programs that uses the camera to scan the bar-code, check the low used price on amazon to see if the item is low enough to make a decent profit quickly.

    these items are usually getting replaced soon by a newer version, don't wait for a high profit at retail price. these items will still be worth more than I paid for a few years.

    I don't play the mail in rebate game, that BS got old before it even started.
    I'm sick of companies taking advantage of the consumer (lost leader to get them in the door, and various marketing strategies) Large Businesses are the worst kind of Black Hatters, they take advantage of millions of people, for the profit of a few. Unfortunately for me, my morals/ethics prevent me for taking advantage of any individual people. Fortunately for me I enjoy beating big companies at their own game, I realize the co just passes the losses on to the consumer, but thats them doing it, and the big guy gets a little hit in his pocket too. the amount I'm doing probably doesn't hurt any one much anyway.

    Advanced Black Hat, Social Engineering.
    I was in Vegas on a scavenger hunt for DEFCON
    some odd items were to be found.
    the hardest one Female Condom, and the impossible Self Mug Shot from inside Vegas Jail, non of us were dedicated enough to do something that would land us in there, and our guy with a press pass couldn't talk the sheriff into letting us do a "Scared Straight news report". We did get photos and video of us getting throne out of a casino by security (on the list for big points) and none of us were blacklisted at that or any other casino.

    Getting back on topic one of the items wasn't too hard, but we also needed a receipt for it. I forget what the actual price was for one of the items but the nice lady changed the recipt price to read $13.37 for us, also where it normally said "Have a Nice Day" it said " Defcon X Leet Haxors " You can figure out what to do with this info, If not BH might not be your thing.
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    never been to amazon and ebay stuff but this is interesting. i would like to try this one out. thanks for the share man