How I make 40 euro per week AFK!

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    As many others, I started the chase for a job online. After weeks of searching and only poor resaults I was about to give up. Then I came across this website. G2A. G2A is an online site selling games at a cheap cost, while at the same time allowing a marketplace for third party sellers to sell theirs too. They do frequently carry games much cheaper than Steam or other vendors. I make money via the Goldmine Program. The goldmine program is a way for you to make money on each game sold through your own promotion. You get paid to promote games, and if someone buys a game through one of your links, you get paid a commission.

    This commission varies from game to game, for example Call of Duty: Ghosts can earn you ~$20 per sale. Simplified, the way it works is that you create a link yourself. You specify it's name, where on the site it takes you and then you promote it. For every click, the clicker gets a cookie that marks them as "yours". So even if they don't buy a game from the link you sent them, but instead go on G2A later, up to two years from now, you can still get paid for the purchase. Sign up, contact people via social media, be nice, wait, repeat. This took me about 1 year.