How I made my first $$ using cheap classified ads...

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    I was dabbling for a long time wether I should post this or not. But since I got so much from this forum already, I decided to share this.

    First of all, this is NOT my only way of making money. But it's very cheap... and makes me good money, month after month.

    Basically, here are the steps:

    Step 1A:

    Create a product. It has to have mass appeal. Moneymaking always works. And I have been testing other things too. Just think mass appeal. Mass appeal. (can't emphasize this enough)

    A product is easily created. Enough information on the internet. I'm not going to expand on this.

    Make sure you stick the pages into a ringbinder. Add a video (on CD or DVD) of you doing the stuff you explain. And maybe some assignments, and you got a course. Easy stuff.

    Make it look underground. The above achieves that effect. And as your graphics, it can simply be the name of your product in some cool lettertype.

    Step 1B:

    Create a couple of months worth of content. Premium reports with about 10 pages of good information. This will be your membership. I will explain how we'll use it in a bit.

    I usually create for about 6 months ahead, which is really easy.

    Step 2:

    Create a classified ad. I use something similar to this:

    Call (insert number here) to learn how to make money for free using the internet. (EASY TO REMEMBER URL HERE)

    Step 3:

    Build a site. Basically it would be a squeezepage. Redirect it to your salesletter. (AKA report)

    Step 4:

    Create a pre recorded message for when people call that phonenumber. In that message you'd say something like:

    Hi, (your name) here. Thank you for calling this free number. (I use free numbers. I pay the costs. It just looks good. And you seem like a super-hero all across the board)

    I want to share with you my 3 step method to make money on the internet. And it's completely free. All you need to do is leave your full name and adress after this pre-recorded message ends, and I'll send you my (#) page report (super compelling title here).

    Please leave your full name and adress after the beep.

    Thank you for calling. And I can't wait to share this exciting information with you.

    (I am not saying exactly the above. but it's something like that. The most important is that the pre-recorded message is short, and it mentions the words "free" very often. Emphasize they are getting something for free. You want their adress)

    Step 5:

    Write a salesletter. There's enough on how to write salesletters on this forum, in the download section.

    I like the type of salesletters that tell a compelling (even emotional?) story... and give some information about the method you are selling, which also compliments what you are advertising (re: the free method of making money, in this case) and then pitch really hard to make the sale.

    Price the product at anywhere between $97 and $497 ($297 seems to be the sweetspot for me... but please do test for yourself)

    Also, add the first month for the membership as a bonus. I make them feel exclusive to pitch this. Otherwise people will not want to be in your membership.

    Again, it depends on how high quality your information is and how you present it... but you can ask anywhere from $19,95 up-to $97 for your membership content, every month. I personally have a membership of $97... and my members stick for about 8 months on average. But this is exceptionally.

    Also, if you can, try to stack some bonuses. Make it look really cool. If you add a CD or DVD... make it a bonus. If you add a "workbook"... turn it into a bonus. Anything outside the core manual is basically another bonus.

    Step 6:

    Post your ad. Not really much to explain here... just post your ad in your local or even national newspaper.

    Step 7:

    Everyday, check your messages and write all adresses down. When I started out, I immidiately wrote all the adresses on a envelope. Much easier that way.

    These days I let someone else write all adresses I collect from my various lead generation efforts onto an envelope.

    I absolutely believe a handwritten envelope is critical. It definitely increases response.

    Step 8:

    Put the salesletters into the envelopes... and send them out.

    Step 9:

    As soon as you get an order... print another copy of your product and send it to the person who ordered. I do this as quickly as possible.

    (These days I outsource this btw. But before I printed them all out by myself, with my laser printer. I bought a big bundle of brandable CDs and ringbinders. So I could get them cheaper. And some tabs, to organize the content inside the ringbinder)

    Step 10:


    Dont expect this to be some miracle way to make quick money.

    Also, I have to say that when I started out, I wasted a lot of money because I followed the wrong advice. I really tweaked it all along the way. And when it made money... I started scaling it out to other offline media.

    The above is a lot of work... but it works. And for me, personally, it was the real beginning of my business. I was making some (free) money on the internet back then. But not enough.

    Then I saw this book on classified ads in the library. It caught my attention because I never saw any stuff on how to make money in my library, nor in my country. And I decided to give it a shot. (This book was crap btw, horrible stuff)

    I really had to tweak A LOT before this worked. But I was desperate to make it work. I had a burning desire because I did not want to have a job. And I had a lot of debts... and was nearly broke. It may have helped me. Also to write good salescopy.

    You need to know how to write copy. And you need to be prepared to lose some money, before you make money. Your first sales may not come the first time your ad is posted. But because of the high profit potential per product you sell, you can easily make that money back with just 1 sale.

    Also, try to negotiate "package deals" for your ads. This basically means:

    Buy 20 ads, and pay for 10.

    Something like that. It helps you bring the costs down. And, obviously, increase your profits.

    Also make sure you got follow-ups. More products to sell. Increase the worth of your customers. And try to still turn those free leads into customers. After all, they may not have liked this product... but who knows... they may like something else. ;)

    I just want to finish this little guide by saying you don't have to limit yourself to make money type of products. Be a bit creative. If you open your eyes, you'll see enough other opportunities. :)

    Also, I keep on following up with any prospect that gets into my funnel. And I seperate the free leads from the buyers. And follow up in different ways with each.

    And that's really it.

    I hope this guide was useful to you guys. Maybe not... but I just felt like sharing how I really started my business and build my way up.

    Have fun!
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    Awesome !! :cool:
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    I'm glad you liked it. :)