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    Does this headline sound familiar? Thought so ..

    There's been quite a few threads lately bashing those who publish e-books.
    The main question raised is:

    "If I found a way to make $1,000 a day, would I be selling the method for $10?"

    Being an author of several e-courses myself, I can safely say that


    Reasons? Easy.

    1. It's the sensible thing to do!

    I'm a businessman and my goal is to maximize my earnings from each method. The mere fact that I've discovered a method doesn't mean that selling it will decrease my earning capabilities from this particular method.

    There's only a few things that are so niche-specific that they require keeping the knowledge to oneself, and obviously, those are the methods I never share.

    2. Quick and easy money

    Another side to this: I don't belong into this category but many people who publish ebooks (mainly those who are just getting started) want the money NOW and with NO RISK.

    Therefore, they may decide to share something of value merely because they know that from book sales they will get a certain amount of INSTANT money - whereas from actually practicing the method they're talking about would take quite a bit of time and effort, even though it may be far more profitable in the long run.

    This is especially true for methods that inolve long term prep, JV partners, CPA networks etc.


    That said, I'm not trying to imply that there's not a ton of rubbish out there. Sure there is!

    In fact, about 85% (if not more) of all ebooks released, especially on DP and WF, are probably either very litte to no use to anybody who already has a slight idea of what they're doing.

    However, I do feel that it's a bit shortsighted to say "all ebooks are rubbish and if you want to succeed then don't buy any of these" (which seems to be the opinion of many "pro-marketers" around here).

    There's A LOT of quality stuff out there. One just needs to filter through the rubbish and find the quality!

    One thing almost always applies of course - if it seems too good to be true then it probably is!

    /end rant :)

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