How I Made $2,000 in One Month!!

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    Hello Guys, recently I joined a program called AshMax, and this program is growing really really fast, I generated over $2k in one month, here are the features:

    ? 5x5 Company Forced Matrix ? Your tool to success!
    ? No building required! Get 5 SERIOUS people only!
    ? If your 5 decide not to stay, the company will fill your empty spots! No dead spots!
    ? The system combines 2 solid affiliate programs, Global Domains Int?l (an INC 500 company founded in the 90?s) and Freeway to Success (an FTC approved company with a fantastic product line)
    ? $25 for first position, $15 for additional positions, and $15 per position on going. After your first month, your fee is deducted from your earnings?never pay out of pocket again!

    And when you join, you will get:

    1- Full Attraction Marketing Training, For Free!
    2- Free Google Adwords $75 Vouchers.
    3- A really top spot close to the owner!

    PM me for more details!: )
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    Perhaps you should read the forum rules? Will do you good. :)