How I made 1200.00 dollars today with this method

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    I am sharing because BHW has given so much to me in the 2 years I have been here. I have always lurked and implemented many ideas.

    Basically this is a no brainer.

    Go to Scribd dot com

    Sign up using your facebook

    You immediately get however many of your friends are on there as followers. Or you can create accounts targeting your niche.

    Put 10-20 documents that you have written and is unique to whatever the niche is.

    Go to your facebook and twitter and link them together. It drives the numbers up.

    Then get some traffic driven to your articles in Scribd. When it hits a certain number, you automatically get a featured document.

    Attach whatever website you have with whatever you are promoting, hide the CPA offers. I did an affiliate offer

    Follow others in your niche and that generates more traffic because of their traffic.

    Make money.

    Rinse, repeat with another niche.
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