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    Just Before i grab my sky board and go for a 3 days skying trip to local mountains i wanted to share my experience with expired domains.

    Just to get it as shorter as possible. I found great niche with hundreds of related kws (competition nearly non existing).

    Grabbed 12 years old domain (heavily related to my niche), made sure google search site:domain showed some results (domain is not deindexed)

    bought it. Ordered my writers for 80 articles. Uploaded, all in page seo, pictures, video etc.

    1 month latter just 31 kw were in top 500 (not one in top 100). I have do no seo at all. Still thought it cant be it. This non existing competition and perfectly done in page seo i should end up with all my kws in top 50 at least. I gave up on that page.

    I bought another domain (still indexed), repeated, month later same shit. Most of my kws out of serps. (even being all indexed, yet not in top 500)

    Just to be clear what i mean - non existing competition - 1st page of google shows only pr 0 and pr N/A, and just some results come with pr1 also indexed results for all kw less that 50K

    so again, i gave up on that project, and just for curiosity decided to give it one more shot with new domain. So i did. Bought brand new domain (heavily related with my niche)

    As for now i for have only 22 KW (articles) + in page seo (no offpage seo!) and 21 kw are already in top50, and 2 in top 10.

    So what i can say. Even if you check old domain (if it is indexed) before buying you can never be sure if is carrying any kind of penalty ( in my case i am almost sure it was the reason)

    I believe such domains are great for PR and high quality backlinks only.

    Sorry for my english, i am out
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    If a domain is penalized who it can be good for getting backlinks? If it's penalized you either do something to rank with it in Google or just forget about it.