How I earn 10k Per Month for 6 months

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by hgear, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Hi Guys, I'm so excited I just closed my biggest deal yet.
    It is to build out a insurance website for a local city and do SEO for it.
    The deal is that they will be paying me 10k per month for 6 months.
    I wasn't sure if it was going to go through because they took their
    sweet time in getting the payment but today I check my new bank account and sure enough it was there. They are also going to be a PPC guy
    as well. I am going to be the one that is going to be creating the landing

    1st thing you should know is that I contacted a few web designers last month to see if I can work out some type of JV agreement with them.

    Most of them liked the idea we talked it over and they said they would send some people my way. for 1 month I didn't hear anything so I figured I probably wouldn't hear anything from them at all.

    I met a guy at a conference a while back that was real good with PPC
    but he didn't know anything about SEO so I told him a little bit and he said
    he would send some people my way.

    the 1st guy he sent was a complete dud. He had a super crappy webpage and didn't know his number or anything. So that was loser but the next guy he sent over was already pre-sold. I didn't have to do anything fancy or pull any sales tricks. I just told him what we can do for him and sent him a proposal which I got here from Tactical (thanks Tactical!) the guy was so impressed by the proposal and real happy that explained exactly what he was going to be getting. I probably spent 4 hours with him over the course of a few days just answering his questions etc.

    I really educated him on what he needed to know to make a good decision.
    When he said he was ready ...and the magic questions "ok great..what's the next steps" I told him my bank account and wire transfer # and it was done deal.

    well not really...I actually had to wait for 3 days even though he said he will send the next day. So I was a little worried but I stayed in constant communication with him.

    Now I just need to deliver on what I promised.

    so now I just need some good insurance landing pages that I can mode/copy the deal. If you have some or have done this type of work feel free to let me know what works best.

    Thanks to everyone here at BHW especially Tactical for providing the proposal I used.
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    Great Job! Now rinse and repeat. Just make sure you provide a great service - go above and beyond for them. More than likely they'll want a tight grip on your balls for that much money - but if you constantly keep them up to date on progress and improvements... they should be alright.

    Kill them with kindness and get them to understand that they NEED you... so take that 6 month contract and make it 12, 24, or 36 months.

    They'll think it's a "set it and forget it" system... they need to know it's not.

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    #1 to #9 on your fav SE
    Insurance eh?
    Bring it.

    See you on page 1 :D
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    Take a look around the web until you find the one that suits your needs.
    Sometimes I spend days searching out the right theme or template. If that fails
    employ a designer.
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    congrats that awesome =]
    i always start at themeforest and usually find what i need there

    (OP only):
    if you don't have a subscription to template p2p and u can't find a theme you need feel free to PM me and i can go look for it
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    Always glad to hear people closing deals! Congrats!