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How hard is it to beat EMDs/PMDs?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by therain, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. therain

    therain Newbie

    Apr 27, 2015
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    Hey guys, newbie here. Although I've been lurking on here like crazy lately learning so many things from this wonderful community of IMs.

    I run a service business, and I have a domain that's only a month old. Last week I was nowhere to be found in the top 100, and now I'm creeping up on page 4 for highly competitive keywords that get over 5000 searches a month combined for over 20,000,000 results. Highly competitive niche. Plus actually the reason I'm now almost on page 4 is because of the great stuff I learned here on BHW.

    So anyway, I need to know how effective are EMDs/PMDs now in 2015? I have a competitor that's ranking #1 for a specific keyword that gets about 2000 searches a month, but the competition is quite weak for this particular keyword except this one domain. Thing is, they have a PMD (almost matching, just one little extra word in the beginning of the domain) for this keyword and I would just like to know how hard it would be for a branded site to outrank such a domain.

    Let's say my niche is "bike shop", and there's a site that has a PMD "mybikeshop" and is #1 for the keywords "bike shop". Then let's say my domain is "sweetride" and I have great SEO (on-page is great, high authority PBN links, great social signals, excellent content) and the other guy has weak or non-existent SEO going on for their domain. Also, given that I'm outranking them for other highly competitive keywords. How tough would it be to outrank this site? By the way, I do have this keyword that I'm trying to rank for in my title tag and content on the homepage, but it's more like my secondary keyword. Also please note that their domain is older (although I believe this doesn't really matter now since I'm outranking them for other tough keywords).

    Here's a little scenario of what I'm trying to get at...