how fast should i see effect of linkwheel?

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    If all sites of linkwheel are indexed at the same time, after how long time i should see the result (SERP for my main website)? Is it instant?
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    I am seeing different results depending upon the level of competition (obviously) I target low hanging fruit. In market Samurai the settings that I choose are:

    1. SEOTC (competition) 30,000 max
    2. PBR (Phrase to Broad) 15 min.
    3. SEOT (traffic) 80 searches min. (if you are doing longer tail with the Google Search Keywords box selected @ the first research screen... I set this a bit lower to about 20 min)
    4. SEOV ($$$) - 45 - 50 min.
    5. Double check to make sure that there are trend results (majority of the time if there any SEOV there is a trend)
    Once I've narrowed that down then I click SEO competition tab to see:

    1. How many catz on the first result has DMOZ, YAHOO listings
    2. Whether the webpage <title> tag contains the keyword
    3. Whether the URL contains the keyword
    4. Whether the word appears in the description
    5. Whether the word appears in the H!, H2, H3 tags within the page content.
    That will give you a good idea as to whether you will rank high or not and how much effort it's going to take to hit that first page, and knock those other catz out of the way.

    Lastly pertaining to the linkwheel it's self. Depending on the number of spokes... if only a few, I'll take the time to re-write "sentences" not just words (It never makes grammatical sense to me when I spin words; I hate that). So I'll sit there and re-write a whole sentence a few times 3, 4, 5 x's.

    Go to only wire and bookmark my wheel. and then ping the RSS feeds. Some properties you'll see quickly within the first day or 2. The other might take a week or so.
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