how easy is ubot?

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    I know nothing about programing!
    I could make some simple bots I think that I could do forum profiles bookmarks and stuff but how hard would it be to make a ubot do this?

    1. post 12 spun articles in 12 web 2.0 websites.

    2. In each post 2 keywords, for 2 keywords goes to main website.

    3. post 12 spun articles in 12 articles websites. [auto-approve articles] Here you will target two keyword also, for one keyword will go to 12 web 2.0 and other keyword will go to main website.

    4. post 13 spun articles in another 13 web 2.0 websites. Target 2 keywords One keyword will go to first 12 web 2.0 links and other keyword will go 12 article links.

    5. post 13 spun articles in 13 articles websites. [auto-approve articles] Here for one keyword give backlinks to 13 web 2.0 and for other keyword give backlinks to main website

    6. Now give bookmark to all web 2.0 + article links. [minimum 10-15 bookmarks to each link.]

    7. Now give status update backlinks to each web 2.0 + article backlinks.

    all this in one click? after you in put all the right info. So first it would have to register all the accounts then email verify then post with the right backlinks?
    ok maybe not one click but one for register then email verify, then post, and last backlink everything.