How Does Type-In Traffic Work?

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    From what i understand, instead of using a search engine, the person types the keyword in the address bar and then presses enter, as if they were conducting a normal search. However, when i try this from any web browser, it doesn't take me directly to the site, instead, it takes me to a search engine, with the keyword already entered for me, and the SERP's already displayed. So this must mean that the person has to enter the keyword, followed by the TLD extension, for example. If this is the case, is it then safe to assume that most people would go with the dot com TLD, and that there's barely any chance of getting type in traffic from any other TLD extension? I would think that if this was true, most internet users would only really be aware of the dot com variety, and wouldn't have a clue about the dot info's etc.

    Also, is there an average figure as a percentage of how many typein visitors you may be likely to receive, say per every 1000 exact matches your keyword has? For example, there's an average percent, in terms of visitors to your site, that you'd expect to receive if your site ranked in 1st place in google, which then gets lower and lower, the further you rank down the page. Is there a similar roughly estimated percentage for typeins?