How does this YouTube Views thing really work?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by G.O.BNetwork, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Whats up guys!

    i'm the founder and CEO of a upcoming startup company down here in Brazil, and i'm really considering applying blackhat tatics in our marketing strategie, more specifically buying views for the videos of our future YouTube channel. I dont know what me and my company will be getting into, if i indeed add bought YT views on our overall marketing strategie.

    So, please...could you people help me out REALLY quick, giving aswers to the questios below?

    1) How does this thing REALLY work? How they manage to increase You Tube views on a unknown video? Bots? I dont buy the idea that they sell REAL views, since nobody would really watch a video from a brazilian company, which is all portuguese and not really interesting for people outside our specific niche.

    2) What can be the negative consequences of buying views? Is there any, like getting your channel banned from YT?

    3) If buying YouTube views can really be safe and productive to your business, what companies you guys recommend to buy from?
    I've checked and they seem to be pretty solid.

    So, that's about it. As you can see, nothing fancy or complex to asnwer. Jus' noob questions. If you really know about this subject, it'll take you only 3 minute MAX to respond to those questions above and really, you'll be making your good action of the day, cause i REALLY need feedback about this thing.

    THANKS guys!

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    The views are probably not genuine but they do help rank your video in YT search.

    You should use ViralSocials or YTNuke. $15 for 5,000 views is ridiculous, he is just a ViralSocials or YTNuke reseller.
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    MaxTucker is right. their genuine people