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    Ok, i have been one of those people who keeps newb questions in the background, and wades trhough posts to find my answers, but this question has not been addressed from what i have seen on BHW so far:

    I have one adsnse acount which has ads on one site that gets on average 1 - 4 clicks a day. Several days in a row now, i have checked the adsnse revenue, and the price has gone up drastically for each click, while showing only the same 1-4 clicks.

    For example, today, i had only one click. This afternoon it showed my revenue being $.45 for the one click. I checked again later in the day, and the same one click was now showing my revenue as $.47 and then .48 shortly after.

    I a m mentioning the one where i took screen shots. I have other examples where i didnt document the evidence that have been several dollars of difference for the same 1-4 clicks.