How do you start out a brand new account?

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    What the title says, pretty new to all of this. I was wondering how to make a fashion based instagram grow. Do you guys recommend bots or do I do everything manually?
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    Sent you a pm
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    Tell us all if you no?
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    You register a account with veryfied with a phone number .

    You add a picture related to the niche your in .

    You upload loads of niche related images and watermark them with your website url.

    In the bio ,you mention your niche, and what it all about ,and add the url of the website your promotting.

    You know go and follow 10 accounts in your niche.

    You know go and find 10 accounts in your niche and like there accounts.

    Know Go and find 10 groups in your niche , add comments to there discussions ,and leave your website url.

    Know go and buy a bot , like followliker or the old Banded massplanner , online clone there seem to be many know online...

    Add your account to the bot, add a proxie from the same country you created the account , know dont follow ppl , and dont unfollow ppl , just like accounts in your niche, this will get you real users wanting to follow you from your likes, this seems to work, leave the bot running on a vps ......

    Know we need to get the account engaging ,to get heigh engagement.....

    Create a account for the following websites.....


    You need to follow all the rules that we used to create the Instagram account ....

    But you point the users to your instagram account, and also mention your website url, Know you got a fully engaged instagram account ......

    As time goes on you should be gaining huge followers .......

    Good luck god bless....

    This method does work , and very powerful ......

    Advance advise .....

    You can scrape huge accounts in your niche ,and follow all the accounts users to hopefully gain heigh followers.....

    You can scrape all the hashtags in your nich and following all there users....

    This is a advance method ,as it needs advance settings used on bots , and your also have to learn how to scrape accounts and hashtags..,..

    There are bots created to do all the work for you.....

    Making money .

    There only a thu countrys that traffic worth having .


    The above seem to be the best
    Set countrys ,to get the best money from afflict.

    There seems to be a thu ways to setup
    And redirect traffic wanted or not wanted form a website.

    Php redirect
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    Thanks for sharing, you really helped me.
    [Sorry for English]
    I work at a large marketing agency here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    I've been working with instagram accounts for brands for some time now and have just started working with accounts of public people. Do you think the method that you presented is the to increase the quality of a Public person? Would you suggest changing / adding something to this strategy to be more efficient for public person accounts?

    In my strategy, I'm also considering creating 10 non-cannibalizing accounts of 10 niches related to my client's personal account. And posting quality content on those 10 accounts while leveraging their reach by following and unfollowing the followers of big relevant accounts in their respective niches and directing those followers to my client's page through reposts of his content. Do you think this is a good tactic? This can never be done in a public person's account because following and not following hundreds of people every day totally ruins that person's credibility, so using 10 niche accounts and directing their already engaged followers to the public person's account seems to me the best way forward.

    I intend to create a post about this here in BHW exposing and studying my results obtained because I see that there is a lack of content related to the management of public person's accounts here and I think this will help a lot of people.

    So my growth method of a public person account from scratch looks like this:

    -Profile created by the agency(Bio otimized, simple username) with HQ photos only, with content 100% original and of tremendous quality, created personalized and professionally.
    -Posts of quality made according to the market study previously done from target public by the account with frequency and schedule of post carefuly defined;
    -Bot linked to the puvlic person's account and used ONLY for likes on potential followers;
    - Creation of 10 accounts of 10 different niches(related to the content of the public person account), non-cannibalizing, posting quality content between originals and reposts and following and unfollowing followers of relevant pages in their respective niches. Then directing these followers to the public person's page through periodic reposts of my client's account;
    - Creation of accounts in youtube, facebook, twitter, pintrest and and posting of professional 100% original content(some og them exclusive to the platform) consistently in all these platforms (We are a marketing agency we have arround 5 people working in every single client, but for a person alone i don't think that is impossible too, it will only require fulltime work and flawless planning);
    - No use of ads, no advertisement of products and only youtube links in bio for reasons of limiting the reach of the smaller accounts by instagram.
    - Colabs closing (as a marketing agency, this process is a little easier, but for non-insiders it is not impossible too) with similar accounts in numbers (followers and engagements) for growth leverage.

    I set up this strategy after much research and talk with instagramers, I wonder what you think of it? Would you add or change something? I would really appreciate your critc, thank you very much. And I'll post a Thread about it right after 3 months of application and I'll mention you so that you can follow the results of this strategy as well.