How do you monetize your transactional emails?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by narkom, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Business owners send hundreds of transactional emails regularly especially those who are selling different products online. Transactional emails are the ones we send our customers - welcome emails, order confirmation, shipping cost and delivery status updates, delivery confirmation, thank you emails etc. - these are transactional emails.

    The question is, do you monetize these transactional emails? Do you put personalized content to entice repeat purchase and create customer loyalty? How do you do that?
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    Transactional mailers are a great way to keep your reputation warm as you are not pushing anything in a salesy or spammy kind of way. So if you've blasted out too many sales mailers and your IP rep is low, start working on your transactional mailers for a while.

    That doesn't mean you cant take advantage of a good Transactional Mailer. One way to make conversions happen would be to put a link to a landing page in the bottom of your message, here is an example of one i use for gathering leads from a list:

    "So glad that you've been making good use of our services. Hope we can do breakfast or coffee together when you have some available time.

    By the way here is a link to my online office here"

    The link appears at the end of the message and is not the main focus of the message, but till get's a lot of click throughs.

    Ping me if you need any more examples