How do you handle quality vs. quantity?


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Mar 22, 2013
These days I am running into the problem, that I am having "too many" money sites. Its really hard to update them daily, to build quality backlinks to each of them, to write long and hq articles and so on. This slows down the whole process of getting ranked. Since many of them are churn n burn (someday they will get tanked anyway) I don't really want to spend money for them until I know they will bring me money in return.

I remember when I had only two money sites. I could spend some time per to rank them, focus on them, do what they need etc.

I am sure some of you run into the same problem as I do.
Why don't you sell a couple of the money sites, just to free up your time? Choose your favorites and up the quality of the content on those. Of course, you'd have to figure out a price point that makes sense with the amount of money the sites are making right now — and with their future potential in mind. And you'd have to find a buyer. But that should be easy — plenty of people don't want the hassle of the first 6 months to a year of setting up a money site.
have u considered learning automation/botting, or hiring a VA.
selling them is a nice idea too as suggested by @Writerly
take monthly revenue and multiply by 12 is the typical sale price i believe on marketplaces like flippa
Why don't you expand the team? It would be easy for you scale your business
Virtual assistants could be the answer to your problem but you will have to spend some time training them first. But if you pay enough you should be able to hire skilled people and you will free a lot of your time. That's why I did and it works. The only way to expand and scale is to leverage other people's time. You only have 24 hours so not much you can do even if you don't sleep at all.
I have the shiny-object syndrome. I had to drop 2 affiliate sites because of the time schedule.

I left the ones that I was more passionate about.
Three options:

1 ) If the returns from the low-earning sites are good enough to afford a personal assistant, do the same


2) Get rid of the low-hanging fruits.


3) Sacrifice some of your leisure time to invent some new time for work

From the looks of it, it seems that you are already working hard. So, option 3 doesn't seem like the most viable thing for you, so consider option 1 or 2. After all, life is too short to be productive all the time.
  • hire VA, build a team;
  • OR: use 80/20 principle, keep 20% sites make 80% money, eliminate the rest
OR: use 80/20 principle, keep 20% sites make 80% money, eliminate the rest

I absolutely second this, miraculously the 80/20 principle is more than legit. OP, I advise doing some reading/researching on it, you would not believe how highly it accounts for business success. The second principle you must hold yourself accountable for is the so-called sunken costs fallacy. Just because you invested money, time, energy (or all three) doesn't mean that the correct decision is to keep pushing those assets, sometimes the optimal course of action is to let them sink.
I hope it doesn't come across as I'm insulting anyone's work and effort, I'm just trying to point out that sometimes we fail to judge our assets from an objective and emotionally distant standpoint. That's why I value researching these concepts in hope of self-improvement.
Good luck OP.

If you fall into a logical thinker personality, maybe you can divide all of your websites into multiple categories based on their ROI, ease of maintenance, ease of recruiting VAs for them etc. Then you can cross reference websites from these categories by those parameters and have a clearer look of their respective values. That's what I would advise someone far more methodical than me personally, I'd just roll the dice and hope for the best if it were me. Don't ask me how often my groceries expire in the fridge... =[

Good luck OP.
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