How do you find popular Facebook groups/pages?


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Dec 14, 2013
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I'm trying to find Facebook pages/groups I can share stuff on, (or even try to buy links from). However, whenever I use the search feature I can't seem to find anything. I type in phrases and SOME stuff comes up, but it's only crap with like 30 likes/members or like a couple thousand at the most.

Any suggestions?
There is a web that able to do the search but for pages only.

I need help too in finding popular groups in my niche.
I have tried fb lead chef
Try using broad search in facebook and there will be more listings there. Also sometimes there is secret groups but you can ask someone to refer you to join.
Try hitting up Google with 'niche: facebook'. Reddit works too for finding groups.

Ahh.. :( I'm trying that but the only thing that ever seems to come up are Facebook Pages that I cannot share to. Are there any other ways to find groups? Or maybe there are just no groups in my niche?

Also, is there anything beneficial that can be done in a page? I tried making a visitors post but it doesn't seem like many people see those and they're sort of hidden.
IS your niche really that competitive? Have you looked on Reddit yet?

I found some on Reddit that weren't too bad. Gotten like 1k viewers from a video posted a couple days ago. I don't know if it's competitive, but it's atleast popular. But frig.. I even just typed in "facebook news groups" into Google and nothing is coming up except for a couple FB pages and 1 small group of 1k members. :(
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