How do they get away with Paypal Ban?


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Oct 30, 2014
So everyone is familiar with Paypal bans, especially with digital only sales.

I've checked lots of big players in grey niches that accept paypal and other high ban rate payment processors and it doesn't look like they even use tricks like front shop or anything, even their Paypal Business name is usually just the name of website (which is usually something like "instalikes" etc or even more ridiculus like "online shop" or "marketing services" etc.

Do they switch Paypals all the time and just use the same business name over and over again? Seems like they should be banned even before they started selling with names like that.
Hi ches32, can you give one example of such website? There are many ways how you can do it so I need to check it first to let you know what approach they are using.
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