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Feb 27, 2007
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Hi am an electrician in the Bacup area of Lancashire, UK. So I want to build a website where users type 'Bacup electrician' into google and voila my site is no.1. I have no problem with seo, it's just that when i type bacup electrician' into google the same sites appear on the first page for every town local, ie, if i type 'burnley electrician'. It seems that certain sites using asp are generating pages based on my search query, ie. if i type 'bacup electrician' the town name changes automatically on the page to 'bacup'. How do they do this with asp? Already looked but cannot find an answer.
Wow this is funny - i only posted this like 10 minutes ago and already this thread is at no.2 in google for 'bacup electrician'!LOL
I searched Bacup and Burnley electricians and in the top four of each there is no site
for an individual electrician company just directory listings. You have your google local
business results but even this thread made no2 for Bacup electricians.
If you could point me to the particular sites in question I will have a look as geo targeting
is an area that Interests me.
Thanks for you help. The site in question:


As you can see all the title and description are optimised for 'bacup electrician'. Now i can get my hands on most things to do with html but asp is new to me. Hope you can help. PS looked at the code on the page and find no clues.
From what I'm seeing so far they're using some asp and google analytics.
I going to give them a call and ask them who built their site see if I can get some
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Looks good, so if i type 'bradford electrician' i need a page that is generated from the search query and optimised for 'bradford electrician'.
I don't write in ASP so I can't help you there, but...

this is pretty easy with PHP. each URL contains a variable that is passed to the page and included there-in (in your case it's ?xt=Bacup)

What I would do is first create an SQL database with all of my variables and the information associated with those variables (so we'll just sue the one in this case, Bacup, but you could in theory create an indefinate amount of these)

Then you would put a a variable in the URL...

Then you would call that variable in the various parts of your site using phps get:
[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000bb]$word [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]= [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000bb]$_GET[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700][[/COLOR][COLOR=#dd0000]'word'[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]]; 
echo [/COLOR][COLOR=#dd0000]"the word is: $word"[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]; 


Anytime you wanted to display the word, you just repost the code above. For example, in a title tag:
[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]echo [/COLOR][COLOR=#dd0000]"$word Election"[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]; 

Or you could do a whole host of other things - such as locating that word in your SQL database, and pulling all of the other rows of data associated with it to make up an entire page.

javascript can accomplish this but its much messier. SQL / PHP (or ASP if you insist) are better options, especially for large datasets (such as every town in existance)
g analytics has nothing to do with this..

Here is some great reading to further you knowledge on the subject:
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Thankyou very much for your useful post. I have a lot of reading to do...
Could i do this using cold fusion? So say if someone searches 'bacup electrician' the page is automatically generated with all the relevant tags and text inserted ie. Bacup electrician, Bacup electrical services, Bacup sparky etc.
g analytics has nothing to do with this..
Yeh, you're right I was assuming it gave a local result from where ever you
searched from and not where you searched for.
So I would be able to integrate this into a wordpress or joomla site?
Si I been looking over the weekend and i think that a directory software could be the way to go to get high rankings for all local towns/villages/areas.
Anyway, so didn't get much help with this one apart from those who posted here, so I thought what the hell. So I just listed all the 'areas' as seperate pages and put links to them on every page. Just hope it works now! It's below if you want a look:

Thanks to all those who did help!
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