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How do i transfer domain to buyer?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by spunk91, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. spunk91

    spunk91 Registered Member

    Sep 16, 2009
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    Hello fellow blackhatters :)

    I got a bag of sites/domain names, i want to put up for sale.

    I have never sold a site or domain name before, so i really dont know what to do.

    I talked to the hostgator support (Where some of the domains i located) and i said i should just change the whois, but what does that involve? just the name server, contact information and password, and thats it. Or is there more into it?

  2. Michaelh76

    Michaelh76 Newbie

    Mar 3, 2011
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    You need to Change the administrative info and the Registrant Info on the records. Most cpanels have an area to change this information online.
    You go in and change the records save them and the transfer occurs- the change has to be made in the records of the company who is the Registrar of the domain.

    To find this information simply type whois "domain Name" in any search engine it will Bring you the links
  3. Tim1505

    Tim1505 Registered Member

    Feb 27, 2011
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    If you are selling the domains, you only need to push the domains to the customers registrar.

    Let?s say your domain was registered with godaddy then you would simply push the domain to the clients godaddy account with his godaddy customer number and email address.

    If your customer does not have a godaddy account, then create a new one and push the domain there, and just give him the username and password to the new godaddy account.