How do I monetize my site with videos?

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    Hey I have had movie trailers website since 2007. That has over 1500 trailers posted.

    I was monetizing the videos via BLIP.TV ads, and was making close to $80 a month from their ads (preroll, postroll, invideo banner), but BLIP have recently done a clean sweep and got rid of all the accounts that were not producing original content, and didn't have huge numbers.

    So I had to find another video host (done). I am looking for a place were I can monetize the video views!

    All the trailers are self hosted and have my url on them. I tried the YT route but alot of the trailers got hit with owner notices or copyright claims.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    My site gets anywhere from 15k-18k unique visits a month.
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