How do I make a successful site?!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by cheynan, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Oct 16, 2012
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    I'm a high school kid trying to make a profitable site but I'm seeing no results. I've followed so many guides and watched so many videos and I'm not making any money. My site is called King Size Catch and it's a blog about fishing, hunting, etc... I've put up adsense, Commission Junction, Amazon, etc but still no profit. I just want to atleast make $100 a week, thats all I'm looking for. Why is this so hard?!
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    Instead of following what others do carve your own approach based on everything you have learnt so far.

    Take a step back and start again with a blank piece of paper with the knowledge you have now - how would you do things differently, how could the site more beneficial and easier to use for visitors etc
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    Making a site is not enough. Traffic is what brings you money. So go look for ways to drive traffic.

    Post on blogs in the same niche, build facebook fanpages, make youtube videos with a link to your site etc. Once you have traffic money will follow.
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    My favorite part of your site is the girls fishing hall of fame. I wondered if there were more pictures of girls fishing online so I did a google image search and there were very many to chose from. My idea was for you to download all the best/sexiest pictures of girls fishing and hunting, create some social media(Instagram, tumblr) and start posting a photo or two a day. Follow and interact with as many people as possible and have a link to your website. Hopefully that will drive some traffic.
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    Dec 9, 2012
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    get something thats unique and different, something u like doing.
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    IMO, your site has a number of "distractions". My first impression of it is that it is too "busy". My eyes couldn't focus on any one thing (other than the girls in the background for a few seconds). Your background image takes away the attention from what should be the most important aspect of your blog... the content. If it was my site, the changes that i would make would be:
    Change the background image to a simpler one (by simpler i mean a single colour or something that doesnt take the focus off the content)
    "Less is more" a famous saying that can be implemented into the blog. By this i mean ads. there are too many ads and not "blended" in. (change the top level google ads to a similar colour as the menu for increase in CTR and maybe have a few less sidebar ads and maybe an in-content ad block; I don't know if you have already as i am just on home page first impressions)
    Have a dedicated page for the pictures of fishing models and again, NOT as a background image.

    I can go on for more, but this is the basic stuff what i would do to start off with and with that, you should see some improvement (assuming you have good targeted traffic leveles etc etc).

    My MAIN piece of advise would be look at your target audience. Do some market research and see who these people are and build a sort of "avatar" (an imaginary person that is a member of your target audience) so that you can relate to this person's needs and questions and then answer them in your blog.

    Hope this made sense, i could go into more detail, but one thing at a time.