How do I join groups on Facebook

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by jonnyboy, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Can someone please advise me on how to join a group on Facebook as there is an option to create a group but cannot locate one to join an exisiting group. What I thought would be a good idea is to locate groups within my niche.

    regards John
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    use the search bar on facebook target any page and check if someone post a group link in that page then you can target groups according to your niche
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    when you log in to facebook their is a little section of applications next to your picture and below where it says"facebook". click groups and then click the little box in the right top section of the page and type in a group you think their might be and when you find one you like just click the picture of whoever or whatever it is then underneath the picture at the right side their is a little icon that says join group. then you're in hope this helps and hope it wasn't too confusing.Sign into facebook Go onto the facebookhome page and sign in using your email address and Ask to Join Group at the upper right side of the group's page. You can also be added to a group by a friend who is already a member.

    Since groups require admin approval for you to join, you may have to wait for an admin to confirm your request. Admins can also block specific people from joining a group.

    Certain groups on facebook are secret and will not appear in search results. You cannot request to join these. Only being added by an existing member will give you access to these groups.