How do I get meetings and sell my referral program?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by 1337WuLF, Aug 10, 2011.

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    My Plan
    I have everything to do with my SEO Business pretty much set up. I'm ready to get out there now and get some referrals going.

    I plan to contact every web design place in my town. There is around 10.
    I'm going to ask them if they will give a flyer / informational booklet about SEO and my services to each one of their clients. I also want them to recommend me to their clients and give them a 10 second spiel. In return I will give them 10% of each sale for the life of the client.

    My problem

    I have no idea how to go about getting them interested.
    How should I get a meeting? Should I tell them the whole thing over the phone and ask for a meeting? Or should I be vague over the phone and just say I have a business proposition?

    What would you do? / How would you go about it?

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    You are going to want to to most of your work in the meeting. It's much harder to cold sell over the phone.

    If there are only 10 business you are going to talk to, do a mailing. Send a not e to "introduce yourself" and a basic over view of what you do and what you can do for them. Let them know you are interested in forming a working relationship the would by in both of your interests. Have them call you.

    If you don't hear back in a few days to a week follow up with a friendly phone call. Remember you want to do most of your selling in person. Make sure they already don't do SEO in house. Make sure you let them know you do more than just optimizing on that site. (a lot of these companies think you can just optimize that site itself and be fine)

    Let them know you are really offering to create an online presence for their clients and that will add value to their services as well.
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    Why limit yourself to web designers?

    There are hundreds of other businesses out there that come into contact with other businesses that need SEO. You shouldn't limit yourself to only web designers. How about print shops, auto repair shops, PC repair, construction, retailers, etc. Let them ALL know that you are offering a 10% cut for life.

    I said this 3 posts in a row already, but you need to get out there and network with people. Get out there, attend some events, pass out cards, and tell everybody that you are offering 10% per referral they give you. Shit I even created a page on my business website where they can find more information on the referrals and put it on my business card.

    If you limit yourself to only web designers, yeah you'll get a more targeted audience, but you're ignoring the other 99999 kinds of businesses out there.
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