How do i get a lot of backlinks

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    Hello dudes,

    the high rank websites have all a lot of backlinks.
    i need this too for my webshop and my question is:
    how do i get a lot of backlinks, too?

    peace :cool:
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    1.Find a list of social bookmarking sites and submit your site
    2.Submit your product rss feed to rss directories
    3.Write articles and submit them to article directories
    4.Create a linkwheel
    5.Do some link exchange with relevant sites
    6.Create widgets for your site and insert your link in the code
    7.Comment on ******** blogs and forums
    9.Create profiles in high pr sites using the angelas and pauls reports
    10.Go to digitalpoint and buy a few wordpress theme sponsorships
    11. Go to microworkers or mturk and pay people to write a review about your site on their blog.
    12.Do a xrummer blast
    13.Create a video about your store submit it to tube sites and ad your link in the description
    14.Find a list of classifieds sites and place an ad regarding your business along with a link to your site.
    15.If you are selling your own products create an affiliate program and get the affiliates to link to your site.
    16.Write a press release and sumbit it to PR distribution sites
    17. Register a blog with and sponsor a contest
    18.Use the credits you earned from to purchase links and reviews from other bloggers in their marketplace
    19.Submit your site to the yahoo and dmoz directories
    20.Find website that deals with free counters and ask them to place your link in their counters in exchange for sponsorship
    21.Read the thread below and apply the method:
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